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by ajja72 on Feb. 10, 2018

Anyone do ice fishing on this lake and is it safe/accessible to drive on?

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by Lord ButtFk on May. 21, 2017

Caught an 18" brown yesterday with a dry fly. Wind was calm yesterday. Compared to the river the browns in here are huge. Seems tricky to catch as this is not a very popular lake, could be that browns are far more wary than rainbows which are very common in lakes.

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by Hronic on Jul. 17, 2016


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by Gromdor on Jun. 29, 2016

It always has huge wave, very windy there. Yesterday i was headed back from the bow river and saw for once it was calm and fish were rising. Had 3 bites in 15 minutes with a dry fly from shore but i couldn't hook 'em, they wised up and stopped taking my fly, then the wind picked up again and cause the usual huge waves so i left. I'll probably be back on the one day a year it isn't completely fk'd by wind.

by Plankbridge on Apr. 18, 2016

Just small little brookies.
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by Jayjayjay on Jan. 3, 2016

This lake any good for brook trout?

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by YYCFishSlayer on Jul. 26, 2015

Any fish here? Any info on this lake? TY

by WilSmith on Jul. 17, 2014

Was out there a week ago on a 10 foot boat...nothing after 5 hours of fishing. Didnt use any live bait. Just rubber lures and spinners. Was sunny and a beautiful trip though....might try 1 more time.

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by bakercreek56 on Jun. 5, 2014

Lake looks much clearer now but too gusty to get into with the belly boat. Hold good fish, have caught good size ones by broken rock face.

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by J-bawls on May. 8, 2014

How is this lake for fishing, any big ones

by iFish Guest on Apr. 25, 2014

How was the fishing?

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by Conor90 on Apr. 25, 2014

no ice, choppy water/

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by Thatguy585 on Dec. 12, 2013

Any ice?

by Vagab0nd on May. 25, 2013

Caught a few trout here this week.
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by Johnny Ray on Aug. 13, 2012

Unweighted buggy leaches fished on dry line in the late of the day produced a few decent fish.This can be a very rewarding lake for those who want to put in the time. i know I'll be back.

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by Wilderdude403 on May. 28, 2011

Water fairly clear today, no bites casting from the shore. Tried the bow, on the other side of the tracks. A few bites. Will be back.

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by Jts1 on Apr. 27, 2011

Have spent many a hr on Gap. It is joined to the Bow by culverts under the tracks on the south side of lake. So expect anything that swims in the bow. I have had a huge Brown on a few times

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