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by J3TDRVR on Jul. 4, 2017

Half of the fun of fishing these lakes is the hike in. It took me and my boys about 2 hours to hike in but once there we were greeted with a beautiful lake with trout rising everywhere. None of them were very big but it was fun catching the little guys on various dry files.

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by ab trouter on Mar. 23, 2015

Simon-403 there is a bait ban here check your regs next time.

by CGDufresne on Sep. 1, 2014

Was out there today spin casting on the third lake, caught five in about an hour with small panther martin spinners. Fun and easy to catch! Beautiful scenery.

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by hoovisonfire on Aug. 20, 2014

Hiked through the rain and fished a couple hours until our hands were numb. Had a dozen or so fish on. Cutties hitting on Caddis and Royal Woulff.

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by Simon-403 on Aug. 10, 2014

Hard intermediate hiking to first lake on a hot day. Cutthroat trout could be seen jump and swimming in this beautiful and shallow lake. We all caught our limit and released many more. Small fish - were mostly biting baited hooks close to surface. It's mostly fly fisherman out here though.

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by Bob Lawblaw on Jul. 10, 2014

Went up the other day decent hike for sure far less gruesome on the way out. Caught 20 \- cuttys throughout the day on dry flies. Only successful on first lake and 3rd lake. #3 is a BEAUTY! Gorgeous scenery throughout the journey.

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